2D and 3D Animator


Create simple Flash animations for your website


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2D & 3D Animator is a simple application that combines efficiency with a very intuitive interface and easy to use tools.

If you're thinking about animating your website, or creating attractive visual multimedia projects, this is the application you have been looking for, and with 2D & 3D Animator, you don't need any programming skills.

To start a project, you can create it from scratch or select one of the 10 default templates that are included with the program. Having decided, you will get access to the tools with which you can insert, or create, 3D images, add text, adjust color and image settings, add shadows or textures, etc.

In addition, you get a very basic FTP client that lets you upload your projects directly to your website.

The program insterts a small mark in the final project, warning you that it was made with an unregistered version.

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